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4-point Quick Knowledge Of European-style Bathroom Cabinet Size And Style Classification
Oct 20, 2017

Sanitary ware refers to the bathroom used in sanitary ware and kitchen cleaning utensils, the Xiaobian to share under the sanitary ware inside a kind of European-style bathroom cabinet to eat and style classification, bathroom cabinet has several classification methods, some basis Size classification, and some according to the classification of materials, and some classified by sub-grid, and some classified according to the installation and so on.

According to the size of the classification: the current market is common between 60cm-2 meters, which has been the largest size of 1 meter -1.5 meters to buy use.

According to the classification of materials: bathroom cabinet materials are pvc, stainless steel, multi-layer solid wood, solid wood, etc., has been the most popular stainless steel and solid wood, but the solid wood waterproof and stability is much higher than stainless steel, the future will replace stainless steel.

According to the style classification: the market has a variety of style classification, modern, postmodern, neo-classical, European, antique, classical, American and other styles, according to their own decoration style to buy.

According to the installation classification: the current market is floor and wall-mounted two, floor is the cabinet feet feet, wall hanging need to be fixed with screws in the wall, wall cabinet if the quality of improper, it is likely to fall off, there is relative The danger, it is recommended to use the floor of the cabinet.

Bathroom cabinet has been the main 4 points, but the market is often dazzling, maybe there will be 5, 6, etc., I believe that after you should understand.