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Kitchen Door Design More
Jun 12, 2017

  Kitchen door design More, according to the requirements of daylighting, generally speaking, transparent glass door is the common choice of kitchen door, specifically, the kitchen door can choose a large area of glass, can play the role of isolation lampblack, and can display the owner carefully buy cabinets. The traditional design of the kitchen door openings slightly smaller than the bedroom, generally 750mm to 800mm, leaves for 720mm around. At the same time, in order to save space, the kitchen door can also consider the use of folding doors, sliding door to do.

  With the continuous development of modern life, the function of the kitchen is also increasing, the original simple dishes, cooking functions have been developed to a variety of electrical facilities (large refrigerators, electric ovens, dishwashers) into the kitchen, kitchen door choice also presents a variety of development, and some kitchen even there is no door, become an open space.

  Of course, the choice of the kitchen door is mainly the owner according to their preferences combined with the style of decoration to choose.