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Kitchen Door Selection Skills
Jun 12, 2017

  Kitchen door selection skills

  Note that some of the light is on the issue, under normal circumstances our kitchen is used to carry out cooking food, so that when the decoration to make it more clean and bright. And good lighting can make our internal design better show. Kitchen door under normal circumstances do not need too gorgeous, because after all, is not used to receive guests of the place, as long as our kitchen door can be very good with a good practical effect can meet us.

  Look at the door.

  The door of the material, the door of the deformation, sagging is actually a problem. There are two main types of door panels, MDF and solid wood multilayer. MDF is wheat cranberry, straw, sugar cane and other materials cut into a powder-like suppression, although its balance is good, but easy to crack deformation, wood grip nail difference. The solid wood multi-layer is made of multi-layer solid wood veneer criss-cross laminated, with a strong nail-holding nail force, good stability, waterproof moisture, is the first choice for home doors.

  2. Look at the material.

  There are many kinds of materials, environmental compliance is it? This depends on whether you can provide written protection, after all, nothing to say that no, write the contract to be considered. Solid wood material cost-effective; environmentally friendly metal material door too heavy, a long time will fall, easy to damage; paint door good-looking, but afraid of scared scratched; plastic door for a long time will be blistering; Yes.

  3. See manufacturers of production equipment.

  Equipment is complete, good production equipment to make a beautiful paint effect; to control the moisture content of wood, reduce the cracking of wood, deformation of the probability of extending the service life of the product.

  4. Look at the product path.

  Choose the best products to choose factory direct sales, so as not to agents to eat the difference, and finally did not guarantee aftermarket. Look at the agent's method: you just pay attention to whether the label is a dealer or a manufacturer, whether it is a glance at the one.

  5. The importance of installation.

  Vulgar talk: "seven to do, three packs". Can see the importance of installation; installation did not do a good job, directly affect the use of the future effect. So to confirm whether their installer is trained by a certified professional master.