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Bathroom door Plate selection is the key
Jul 20, 2017

  Bathroom door maintenance method

  The development of science and technology so that many families in the decoration of the bathroom when no longer simply choose metal or ceramic tile products, but more and more choice of wood, woody color soft, Bathroom door will not give people the impression of cold, especially the bathroom choose wooden doors, But also become a lot of home decoration of the crowning touch.

  Plate selection is the key

  Good plate can extend the life of the wooden doors, would like to choose a good bathroom doors, the main material can not sloppy. Tips: choose the wood of the plate not only to moisture and moisture, in line with the national standard E1 environmental protection materials is the key to protecting the health of their families.

  Back protection is important

  In the process of selecting the bathroom doors, consumers must be concerned about the details of the back. The use of double decorative veneer back plate can completely avoid the MDF substrate exposed, the water no longer have the opportunity to enter the plate from the back of the cabinet, is a good helper waterproof and moisture. Bathroom door Warm Tip: real life, can not be done every time after bathing completely remove the ubiquitous water droplets and water vapor. Backplane veneer can not only waterproof, but also to extend the life of the protection of wooden doors.

  More subtle observation

  Select the bathroom doors must be concerned about the small part of the human design, this is the key factor in the success of the purchase of wooden doors. Tips: the selection must not let the small part of the wooden door production is professional through the details of the observation can be aware of the number.

  Internal space can not be ignored

  General bathroom doors used after a period of time, the bathroom inside the plate began to deformation, Bathroom door because the bathroom water condensation into water drops on the wooden doors, soaked wooden doors. Tips: not easy to be noticed where the neglect of protection and attention will have serious consequences.

  The installation process is in place

  Installation of the bathroom doors often need to dig on the surface of the wooden door, multi-functional sealing tape can be tightly wrapped around the edge of the board, play a better waterproof moisture. Tips: choose a bathroom door is only the first step. Water droplets and water vapor is pervasive, you want to completely waterproof to choose a professional brand, from all aspects of waterproof and moisture.