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About The Hidden Rules Of Interior Doors
Oct 26, 2017

As the saying goes: "There, foul". If the door is compared to a home façade, the interior door is more like a home of the intrinsic, so we installed at home, must be in the interior door of the purchase to spend a little thought, not only the door to buy, the interior door also to be bought! and to buy a satisfactory interior door, you must know these 5 "unspoken rules"

Material Selection: ratio

The purchase of indoor door is a technical work, not just to buy a door to cover the role of the door can be, there are a lot of you do not know the "unspoken rules", such as interior door material, the best way to buy is compared to!

Paint-Free interior doors

Advantages: At present, the paint-free interior doors are mostly keel frame clad composite panels, the surface from PVC decorative skin, highlighting the wood texture, color changes rich more modern sense, no need to paint, no irritant flavor, in line with the requirements of green environmental protection.

Disadvantages: This kind of door service life is short, does not bump, the surface easy to enclose the injury not to mend, the color fullness is deficient, is susceptible to humidity, the temperature and the air factor influence, causes the surface to crack the distortion, the PVC membrane time is long is easy to be aged, extremely is not beautiful

Steel Wood interior Door

Advantages: Steel wood interior doors and the general outer layer will be covered with a plate of steel, inside the use of wood frame, paper shell, such as environmental protection materials filled, anti-collision, impact resistance performance according to the thickness of the steel plate, door closed basically no noise, moderate weight, strong and durable, and cost-effective.

Disadvantages: This kind of door because is with the wood and so on the material union, therefore cannot be the sunlight long-term illumination, also does not apply to the moist area such as the bathroom, the steel wood material easily gives the person a kind of cold feeling.

Paint interior Door

Advantages: Paint indoor door is directly outside the door of the clean paint, bright color, good surface finish, easy to scrub, and moisture-proof, fire performance is better, very improve the decoration, paint can also be repaired, durable.

Disadvantages: This kind of door processing process is complex, production cycle is long, the price is relatively high, the surface test paint if not choose high-grade paint easy to air pollution, and may release formaldehyde, benzene and other poisonous gases endanger human health.

Solid wood interior Door

Advantages: Solid wood interior door of the whole completely with solid wood processing, wood grain texture clear, with a strong sense of overall and three-dimensional, and has no deformation, corrosion-resistant, no stitching seam air leakage and good insulation and other characteristics.

Disadvantage: This kind of whole solid wood manufacture interior door craft complex, because the material selection of precious universal price is higher, the chromatic aberration is relatively big, easy because the wood itself characteristic crack deformation and not easy to repair.

Feature selection: Think about it

When we choose the interior door, we must consider the material, also take into account the functional factors, such as the bedroom door as far as possible to choose the diaphragm sound, shading better door, bathroom and other rooms should choose moisture-proof, airtight good indoor door, at the same time in order to pursue the consistency of the design style, but also to consider the beautiful.

The use of "T" type mouth design of the indoor diaphragm should be better, "T" type special sealing tape has better sealing sound insulation function, generally this "t" type of mouth are used modular door sets, can achieve no nails, no noise installation, to avoid the construction of the nuisance.

Environmental security: Ask

In addition to the function, we choose the interior door also take into account the environmental protection of indoor doors, a lot of black-hearted businessmen will be shoddy, with cheap, high pollution of the material, so in the purchase also need to confirm that the business environment inspection clearance, or let the business to produce relevant environmental certificates, Make sure that you don't have any impact on your family's health.

Door lock Selection: Take a look

Although the door is not like the door to the anti-theft function is very fastidious, but in order to safety consideration or to be based on the door lock to buy, to check whether the lock is in line with the standard, such as anti-theft door generally used by the Public Security Department to detect qualified anti-theft special lock, In the lock should be 3.0mm or more of the thickness of the steel plate to protect, but also through the key to look out the anti-theft performance of the strong and weak.

Quality selection: Try

The purchase of indoor doors also to see whether the quality of clearance, the most appropriate way is to personally try to check every detail. For example, the quality of the process needs to pay special attention to the inspection of welding defects, such as open welding, welding, leakage welding and other phenomena. The guard fan and the door frame's cooperation is dense, whether the clearance is uniform, the opening is flexible, all joints are dense.

The surface of the door should be anti-corrosion treatment, generally should be spray paint and spray, paint layer surface should be no bubbles, color uniformity, most doors in the door frame is also inlaid with rubber seals, closed doors will not emit harsh metal impact sound and so on.