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Bathroom Cabinet Material Should Have The Ability
Jan 20, 2017

First, the bathroom cabinet material must be moisture-proof material

Bathroom cabinet in a humid environment, and the bathroom cabinet is relatively closed space, poor moisture resistance, then easy to make the items stored inside moldy, the breeding of bacteria. Therefore, moisture is the first choice of bathroom cabinet conditions. Market bathroom cabinet materials are mainly stone, glass, metal, ceramics, solid wood, sheet metal and pvc and so on. On the moisture resistance, solid wood and sheet moisture is poor, solid wood in the oak has a dense moisture characteristics, is the ideal material for the manufacture of bathroom cabinets, but mainly rely on imports, the price is higher. Other materials of solid wood, sheet and other substrates after baking, dipping and other moisture treatment process is also good, but the plate a long time in a humid environment, moisture-resistant capacity may decline. Only the choice of moisture-proof surface treatment of galvanized metal or bathroom cabinet aluminum products, the overall moisture resistance will be guaranteed.

Second, the bathroom cabinet substrate must be environmentally friendly materials

As the bathroom air not flow, if the bathroom cabinet materials to release harmful substances, will cause great harm to the human body, so the selection of the bathroom cabinet substrate must be environmentally friendly materials. In the purchase of bathroom cabinets, consumers need to open the doors and drawers, smell to see if there is a pungent odor.