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Bathroom Cabinet Of The Mainstream Material
Jan 20, 2017

At present, the bathroom cabinet material mainly solid wood sheet, PVC sheet, oak material, stainless steel, ceramic materials and glass materials;

1, PVC sheet

Waterproof superior performance, but also the price advantage; but not on the grade.

2, solid wood sheet

Solid wood sheet itself waterproof performance is not very good, but can be painted in the solid wood bathroom cabinet nearly 10 layers of paint; can make the bathroom cabinet water absorption dropped to within 5%. Solid wood bathroom cabinet on the grade, looking beautiful; but the price is relatively expensive.

3, stainless steel

Stainless steel waterproof in general, the price much cheaper than solid wood; also can not show the style.

4, ceramic bathroom cabinet material, the landlord can also consider; moisture is also very beautiful; as the glass material is not recommended by individuals, an unsafe, does not look good.

5, oak material

Oak bathroom cabinet material is very hard, bright color; and resistant to deformation, moisture-proof performance. But the oak material prices higher, the market also has a lot of imitation oak-like bathroom cabinet.