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Bathroom Door Selection Push Or Pull?
Jul 20, 2017

  Bathroom door selection push or pull?

  Is this door inward or outward? Today we come to find out.

  1, when to pull outside

  Open the door will account for space, especially in the corridor, the contacts are not convenient, can not just open the door ventilation. Bathroom door But if the bathroom door is a secret door, generally do not see, then you can do pull outside.

  The advantage of doing so is to facilitate the door, the bathroom inside the space can be fully utilized. Especially the elderly at home, if the old man fell in the bathroom, the outer door more convenient to save.

  2, when pushed inside toward

  Push the bathroom door will not occupy the space outside, Bathroom door so more neat, but also more protection of privacy. But there are several problems, after pushing the door can not be installed after the other things, accounting for the internal space. There is one that is, if the elderly fall or other things stuck the door, and this door is difficult to open, will affect the rescue.

  Summary point of view, if it is secret door, or installed outside the sliding door more secure, the bathroom in the aisle, then put the push better. Bathroom door Home of the old man, then pull the door more secure, of course, can also consider sliding doors.