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Bathroom DoorsChoose Moisture-proof Anti-deformation
Aug 21, 2017

Everyone in the decoration, the bathroom area is the most need to pay attention to the place, waterproof moisture is essential. In addition to the various requirements on the hard, soft equipment with a lot of need to consider. That bathroom door to choose sliding door or flat door? How does the bathroom door buy?

Pingkai Men features: moisture, anti-deformation, privacy, closed.

1, the seal: the bathroom is the excretion of the place, sometimes larger taste. If you choose to install sliding doors, in the living room to hear squat toilet flushing sound is Real embarrassing one thing. No matter the smell or the sound, the opening of the doors are closed off the sliding doors of several streets.

2, moisture resistance: more water vapor in the bathroom more humid, select the sliding door time may be deformed for a long time. But choose to open the door, moisture-proof performance is better, longer life expectancy, the use of more cost-effective wood.

3, practical: open the door to open the door when almost no sound, the noise is small, longer life cycle, sealed insulation, dustproof performance is a stick bar. At the same time Pingkai Men as a bathroom door, can give residents more privacy and security.

Sliding door features:

Toilet sliding door occupied space is very small, and even can be ignored. With the sliding door will not affect the size of the bathroom so it is very spacious. For narrow spaces, the use of sliding doors can effectively avoid unwanted conflicts when opening the door.

Some people's bathroom location design unreasonable, such as the toilet is very close to the door, with the general open the door will inevitably embarrassing, and the use of sliding doors can avoid this embarrassment, so that people will not see a toilet door.

The bathroom can be used within the sliding door for dry and wet areas of separation, but also in the large space to draw some areas for rest or storage of the place; for small space, sliding doors can be connected to the external space, the bedroom or study, The reception room as its expansion of space, and in these spaces set the bathroom "dry" area, and then the original small bathroom made of "wet" interval, so that the original small bathroom can be put down like Bath, enjoy the fun of the bath without being disturbed by outsiders.

Bathroom door purchase notes

TOP1: sheet selection is the key

A good plate can extend the life of the doors. To choose the quality of the bathroom doors, the main material can not sloppy.

Tips: choose the wood plate not only to waterproof, moisture, but also to meet the national E1 standard. Meet these standards of the wooden door, is qualified, environmentally friendly wooden doors.

TOP2: The installation process should be in place

Installation of the bathroom doors, the need to dig the hole in the wooden door, multi-functional sealing tape can be tightly wrapped plate cutting edge, play a better waterproof, moisture effect.

Tips: choose a bathroom door is only the first step. Water vapor is pervasive, and want to completely waterproof, should try to choose a professional brand, from all aspects of waterproof, moisture.

TOP3: more subtle observation

Select the bathroom doors must be concerned about the details, such as whether the user-friendly design, this is the key to the success of the purchase of wooden doors.

Tips: the selection of wooden doors, must not let the small part of the wooden door production is professional, through the details of the observation can be aware of.

TOP4: Backside protection is important

In the selection of bathroom doors, we must pay attention to the back of the door. The use of double decorative veneer back panel, can completely avoid the MDF substrate exposed, so that no longer have the opportunity to water from the back of the board into the plate, is waterproof, moisture is a good helper.

How to buy

1, if the choice of wooden doors:

To use the wooden door as a bathroom door, please pay attention to the surface did not paint the PVC film door can not be used in the bathroom, because the membrane is not waterproof paint, moisture into the substrate is likely to cause blister deformation. The door is not the door of the problem, but the door and the door frame, and the middle does not matter. So, do the door of the bathroom door, need to be replaced by wood-plastic door sets or solid wood door sets of lines, we set the bathroom doors when the best implementation of the wooden door.

Under normal circumstances a little better wood material paint effect is still very good, coupled with a better processing, you can improve the wood door waterproof performance and resistance to deformation.

2, if you choose steel doors:

Steel-plastic door of the internal needs of a lining through the cutting, welding, installation of multi-mm galvanized cold-rolled steel, if the instructions do not indicate the door with galvanized cold-rolled steel, then this is not the preferred bathroom door Oh

3, if the choice of aluminum alloy door:

We have to pay attention when buying aluminum doors, look at the door of the various parts of the connection is fine workmanship, you can also choose the appropriate appearance of the door. At present, many brands of aluminum alloy doors, titanium magnesium alloy door technology has been very mature, the door color, texture and brand doors are able to match the manufacturers. With its excellent waterproof moisture resistance deformation performance, coupled with impressive appearance, high cost, is already a lot of family choice.

Bathroom door to buy we introduced here, and everyone in the choice of bathroom sliding door or flat open the door, not only to focus on quality, but also pay attention to match with their own home style.