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Bedroom Door To Buy Regular Mistakes
Jul 07, 2017

  Bedroom door to buy regular mistakes

  Error 1: buy a wooden door must buy pure solid wood

  Bedroom door to buy regular mistakes

  Home improvement, who want to spend money on the blade, tailored, rational consumption, for their own is the best. If you are heavy material, like pure solid wood texture and economic well-off, you may wish to heavily purchase solid wood doors. As we all know, solid wood doors from the valuable wood door core, finished door with no deformation, corrosion resistance, no cracks and thermal insulation and so on. But if you pay more attention to the overall home improvement style and hope that cost-effective, solid wood composite door is the best choice. Solid wood composite doors can be called solid wood modeling doors, compared to solid wood doors, it is more diverse and diverse: European, Chinese, simple, natural ... ... different decorative style to give consumers a wide selection of space. High-grade solid wood composite door not only has a smooth feel, soft color characteristics, but also very environmentally friendly, durable. Advanced solid wood composite doors, the door core for high-quality white pine, the surface was solid wood veneer, not easy to deformation, cracking. In addition, the solid wood composite doors also have insulation, impact resistance, flame retardant and other characteristics, and the sound effect is basically the same with the solid wood doors.

  Error 2: bright colors, high brightness of the surface paint more home to add vitality

  Modern living room decoration, people meet the requirements of living in the premise of more often concerned about the home design to people to bring the visual stimulation, the constant pursuit of the popular materials and furniture style of the trendy. Colorful colors, high brightness of the surface of your senses at the same time, accidentally may cause color pollution and light pollution, endangering people's health!

  Color pollution

  This is not sensational, but the interior decoration experts recently to the people of a living message: long life in the colorful colors will cause people's visual fatigue, not only lead to neurological function, body temperature, rhythm, blood pressure and so lose coordination, but also Causing dizziness, irritability, diet decline, inattention, weakness, insomnia and other symptoms.

  light pollution

  According to the survey: young people prefer to use the color of the bright colors in the high light color, so that the room looks rich, bright, but also to a certain extent make up for the lack of light, without the guidance of professionals, it is easy to exceed the body Can withstand the scope of physiological adaptation caused by light pollution, the human eye retina is stimulated. According to ophthalmology hospital ophthalmologist Liu Shengde told reporters: light to make eye fatigue, severe cases will also cause damage to the cornea and iris of the human eye, vision will be a sharp decline in the incidence of cataract 45% higher, and easy to make people dizzy, Upset, insomnia, loss of appetite, depression, physical weakness and other symptoms similar to neurasthenia. Long-term by the surrounding environment in a variety of light pollution violations, but also the current juvenile myopia rate is one of the main reasons.

  Therefore, the choice of the door, even if the door color and home improvement of the overall color of a high degree of fit, for your health considerations, please do not choose the same color bright interior decoration, even monochrome door, but also to abandon high brightness paint selection Light paint. Vigilance color pollution and light pollution - "invisible killer" harm in the invisible!

  Error 3: with invisible hinges inside the door more beautiful

  Inside the door of the hardware, most people are more concerned about whether the door handle is beautiful, grip is comfortable, whether durable, but ignored the quality and stability of the hinge. Especially when the business name of the name of the public will be hidden in the door inside the door, consumers can not see and can not touch, which not only for some businesses "brand packaging" created a set of conditions, but also for the use of consumers buried a hidden danger. Because the hinge door inside the door, in the course of the problem if the occurrence of hinge break the consumer is not aware of the accident, the accident will occur when the whole door will be patted on the ground, maintenance can not be immediate can only return to the factory, Page built-in reason will be repaired to extend the working hours to 1 month or more, to the customer use caused a number of inconvenience. Therefore, when you pick the door, in considering the premise of the big brands, try to choose outside the hinge, you can save some unnecessary trouble!