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Bedroom Doors What Are The Types?
May 19, 2017

What are the types of Bedroom Doors?

Every household is inseparable from the door, especially in the modern home decoration is essential to the Bedroom Doors selection and decoration, and many families are willing to Bedroom Doors as their first choice, not only because the Bedroom Doors variety, safety and environmental protection, more Because the Bedroom Doors practical and engaging, Bedroom Doors a wide range of options in the purchase of both the isolation of space, to maintain the hidden function, but also to achieve the overall style of coordination with the decoration effect. What kind of Bedroom Doors do you have?

According to the Bedroom Doors material is different, home decoration bedroom doors can be divided into all solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, Mianqi door, plywood molded hollow door.

1, all solid wood doors (original wooden doors): the original solid wood doors are taken from the forest of natural logs do door core, and then under the tenon, drilling, carving, process and made of scientific processing.

2, solid wood composite door: door frame is the use of fir or pine, the middle filled with honeycomb paper, MDF grid, bridge hole mechanical plate, solid wood and other structures, the use of surface layer of medium density fiberboard or perforated particleboard, surface paste a variety of valuable Solid wood veneer, made by high temperature hot pressing, and with solid wood lines edge. Quality are lighter, not easy to deformation, cracking material and style more diverse.

3, Mianqi door: and solid wood composite door is more similar, mainly low-grade wood keel frame, topical or low-board surface with a paint-free PVC foil, cheap.

4, plywood molded hollow door: to do the framework of solid wood, both sides with decorative plate pressure on the frame, made by hot pressing. The price is more affordable. As the door is hollow inside, sound effects and feel poor.