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Bedroom DoorsHow To Choose A Color
Aug 21, 2017

The bedroom is our "secret base", relaxing on the island. So the bedroom decoration with, will directly affect the comfort of living conditions, but also indirectly enhance our happiness index. So every bedroom decoration details, each ornament must be carefully selected. Bedroom door is the first field of view into the bedroom, in the choice of bedroom door color to be particularly careful, the bedroom door color is often a headache, how to choose? Then we come to give you a brief introduction.

1, with the furniture color match

If the living room environment as a whole warm colors, the wooden doors have to choose warm color, such as purple Wei wooden doors, cherry wood doors, teak wood doors, sand Billy doors, etc .; if it is cool room, the bedroom door also choose cool Light wooden doors, such as mixed oil white, birch and so on. When the room main colors are light-colored, should be selected such as white rubber, birch and other bedroom door, when the room main color is dark, you should choose such as teak, sand Billy, walnut and other warm color of the bedroom door.

2, to form a contrast with the color of the wall

In the interior door and the wall, the ground of the "color relationship", the bedroom door color is best to form a certain contrast with the color of the wall, such as the choice of a white wooden door, the wall is best to use with a certain color , So that the overall space can be more layered. If you still use the white walls, the room will be lack of vitality. And the color of the ground and the best wooden doors to keep in line with the ground chaos with the wall. When the room sense of space, lighting is better, the bedroom door color can be relatively deep, such as black walnut doors is a very good choice, can create a more stable atmosphere effect.

3, to be consistent with the style of the room

If it is not good to choose what kind of color bedroom door, you can also according to the interior design style to match the color of the door, so the overall effect will be a lot of bedroom door color plus points. Now home decoration more popular style are: pastoral, Jane Europe, the Mediterranean, now simple, etc.:

(1) Pastoral style: idyllic style gives a simple, natural, warm feeling, so the choice of the bedroom door is also. But the pastoral style is also a variety of categories, you can also use different colors, such as American pastoral more retro gorgeous, brown, beige more appropriate; such as Korean pastoral is relatively soft and warm, white, warm colors are more appropriate.

(2) Jane European style: Jane European style relative to the classical European style, less some luxury, luxury, soft white, beige large area of use there is a pure feeling. The choice of the door on the white, shallow card its beige is good.

(3) modern minimalist style: simple style advocate to simple fashion show home charm, in the bedroom door color is usually simple white, beige color, but some may have some chic decoration on the door above.