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Damp-proof Knowledge Of Bathroom Cabinets
Jun 26, 2017

  Damp-proof knowledge of bathroom cabinets

  Waterproof coating

  We can not only look at the color and shape of the product when we choose the bathroom cabinet, but also pay attention to the interior and the back. Because of the special coating on the front of the bathroom cabinet,bathroom cabinets it is easy to wipe the beads or liquid. And the back and interior is not easy to be wiped off, very easy to cause corrosion. For the back of the bathroom cabinet, there are also many manufacturers will choose to do some waterproof treatment on the back, with the protection, water is not easy to invade from the back.

  Size selection

  The size and shape of the bathroom cabinet are also the problems we have to consider, combined with the size of the space between the bathroom,bathroom cabinets decoration style, determine the appropriate bathroom cabinet style. Such a reasonable reservation space, will also give us a daily bath to bring convenience.

  Correctly placed

  Bathroom Cabinets Moisture-proof The most important thing is to avoid water droplets and bathroom cabinets direct contact, so in the location of the bathroom cabinets should be taken away from the rain nozzle, hand wash basins and other positions, play a key role in moisture.

  Air flow

  It is also important to keep the air flowing between the bathrooms. No matter what kind of material products, in a long time humid environment can not escape from erosion. We can not blindly rely on reputable high-quality brands,bathroom cabinets usually pay more attention to clean and hygienic, to keep the air between the bathroom and indoor floor drying is very important.

  Dry use

  In the bathroom can prevent some desiccant, especially in the bathroom cabinets into a proper amount of moisture-proof agent can be effectively absorbed in the bathroom, bathroom cabinets in the water vapor, to prevent direct absorption of the bathroom cabinets caused by tidal damage.