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Decoration Kitchen Door Had To Look At The Tips
Oct 11, 2017

Decoration kitchen door had to look at the tips

The kitchen door has become a choice for many families to use for living room and kitchen partitions. Because this looks not only the overall layout becomes clear and reasonable, but also decorate the kitchen door will avoid the extra lampblack to flee to the living room. What kind of kitchen door is more suitable for us to decorate? The next little series will give you some tips on how to decorate the kitchen door.

Decoration Kitchen Door Selection type

The design of the kitchen door is still more in the market. According to the requirements of our customers for lighting and transparent, a glass door is the most common choice in the kitchen. Specifically, the decoration kitchen door can be decorated with a large area of glass, because this can not only play the effect of the isolation lampblack, and give us the feeling of transparency.

Decoration Kitchen Door Cover material

The door sleeve of the kitchen door can be divided into two kinds: the density board and the solid Wood Multilayer board. If the door is deformed and the door is drooping, it is actually a problem with the door set. Relatively speaking, solid wood door sheathing has a strong eating nails and grasp the strength, so that its stability will be very good, waterproof and moisture is also relatively outstanding, is the first choice to decorate the kitchen door.

Decoration Kitchen Door Type

Now the technology is so developed, the choice of decoration kitchen door is a dazzling variety. So many consumers will look at the door of the material above, whether the door green environmental protection, our body will have great harm and so on;

Environmental protection of the metal door is too heavy, a long time, it is easy to fall and destroy;

The quality of solid wood is of course better, but the price is also very "good-looking";

The paint door is quite good-looking, but it is easier to scrape, the durability and roughness of the fireproof board is quite good.

So choose the right kitchen to decorate the door will need our eyes.

Decorate kitchen door should choose brand

Brand brings us not only influence, reliable quality and strong after-sales service concept has been recognized by everyone. A good brand will have good equipment, good production equipment to make a beautiful process effect. Choose to decorate kitchen door, quality is kingly.

Decorate Kitchen door Save money Youdao

When we choose the kitchen door, we can choose a number of options. Because directly to the mall inside the purchase and factory direct sales are two concepts, if we can choose the factory outlets, we will save a fee. This buys the door the cost-effective is also very high, after the sale also does not have the big influence.

Decorate kitchen door effect some pick

Before the renovation, the decision to own the style of home decoration is also very important, so as to be able to choose the kitchen style matching door, will not cause an abrupt feeling. If there is a condition, you can see some of the decoration cases in advance, the number of hearts, with the designer to communicate.