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Essentials Of Bathroom Cabinet Installation
Jun 26, 2017

  Essentials of Bathroom cabinet installation

  Wall Design

  The main source of moisture is the ground, to solve the bathroom cabinet bottom suction problem, successfully blocked the bathroom cabinets in 50% of water vapor infiltration. The development of the wall mirror cabinet, can avoid the cabinet body directly contact with the ground, and maximize the use of the upper room of the bathroom, "hanging design" and "waterproof material" two major technology strong together, so that the annoying moisture did not come to the water.

  Metal Leg

  Bathroom cabinets If the use of wooden cabinet legs can easily damp, and unconsciously will be the moisture to the cabinet. If the bottom of the cabinet body using metal as supporting leg material supporting the cabinet,Bathroom cabinet the problem has been cleverly resolved. In addition, the aluminum cabinet legs of the "skeleton" strong, rust-proof features to ensure that the cabinet leg contact water does not rust.

  Waterproof material

  Wooden bathroom cabinets absorb water easily deformed, so it has very stringent requirements for the surrounding environment, and ordinary family bathrooms are generally only a few square meters of space, not easy to do wet and dry zoning.Bathroom cabinet In the purchase of bathroom cabinets, you can choose to use Fire board, wear-resistant panels, polymers and other composite plate as a cabinet surface material products, not only have very good moisture resistance, but also to simulate the color of solid wood.

  Rubber Edge

  Use multi-function anti-collision rubber strip to wrap the edge of the plate, completely block the invasion of moisture, but also can easily eliminate the noise of closing.

  Waterproof aluminum foil

  Bathroom in the basin or tap hot air will produce a large number of condensed water, the water will flow down the table to the bottom of the cabinet,Bathroom cabinet causing the cabinet mold deformation. If you can in a timely manner in the bottom of the cabinet with a layer of waterproof aluminum foil or rubber pads can solve this problem, put them in the bottom of the drawer, in the damp-proof at the same time can be fixed bath products.