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Home Bedroom Door To Buy Three Major Skills
Jul 07, 2017

  Home bedroom door to buy three major skills

  1, selected products

  Generally speaking, bedroom door the finished door will be more reasonable than the door made on the spot, the economy, it is recommended in the selection, may wish to consider the finished product door, but it is best produced by professional manufacturers, the quality of professional inspection, so that quality can be guaranteed , In addition to the same material and specifications under the premise of the finished door is much cheaper than the door.

  2, identify material

  In the identification of the merits of wood, it should be observed whether the wood is dense and fine, for its internal texture, bedroom door you can measure its weight, in general, the more solid wood, the door will be heavier, , The sound quality is uniform and boring, then the internal filling is dense, so that the bedroom door sound insulation effect is very good.

  3, see the details

  The details of the quality, so in the selection, must not ignore the details of the problem, for example, whether the appearance of the facade is flat, bedroom door with or without scratches, hand touch the door frame, panel, corner, whether soft enough delicate, Repair the wood and the inner frame to connect a solid, decorative panels and boxes bonded firmly and so on.