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How Should The European Bathroom Cabinet Be Placed?
Oct 20, 2017

European-style bathroom cabinet is very focused on the flow of changes, it is based on romanticism, accompanied by light and thin curve decoration, romantic and elegant. In the domestic renovation projects, there are many European-style bathroom cabinets have been applied in the general apartment residential projects, and often have European-style bathroom cabinets, villas, clubs and hotels in the project less, these projects generally reflect the noble, Luxurious, atmospheric, elegant feeling. Since the European-style bathroom cabinet in the design are so stress, it is not in the place of the sloppy. That is so romantic and elegant European bathroom cabinet, how should we put it?

The first is to determine whether the purchase is wall-mounted or floor-style European-style bathroom cabinet, because different ways to install the bathroom cabinet is not the same, need to pay attention to the matter is not the same. Wall is the need to punch the hole, which should take into account the walls are solid, can not withstand the weight of the bathroom cabinet. And floor type only need to ensure that the cabinet feet smooth, force balance can be.

The second is to determine the shape and size of the European bathroom cabinet and installation height, according to the size of the bathroom space to choose the appropriate bathroom cabinet size and coordination of the bathroom cabinet style, as well as the appropriate installation height, the general standard European bathroom cabinet standard installation height Are 80-85cm.

The third is the bathroom cabinet in the display should try to avoid the shower, because if every time the bath when the water, soap bubbles and so on in the bathroom cabinet above, will increase the daily cleaning burden, but also the maintenance of the bathroom cabinet unfavorable.

The fourth is the bathroom cabinet is not placed in the toilet or adjacent to the toilet, because the bathroom cabinet above a bathroom mirror, facing the toilet is very unsightly, and adjacent to the toilet is not convenient , It is better to say that the bathroom cabinet and toilet can be farther away, the toilet is best placed in the corner, the bathroom cabinet can be placed on both sides of the door or the bathroom in front of the front of the light or near the window, and Bright and ventilated.

Fifth, the bathroom cabinet should be placed in the sun exposure area and heat source to avoid the flow zone, so as not to cause the wooden bathroom cabinet dry.