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How To Buy Interior Doors?
Aug 03, 2017

  How to buy Interior Doors? Many home decoration has become a difficult problem, the indoor door more varieties, more mainstream mainly steel wood interior doors, PVC Mianqi composite doors, solid wood composite doors and solid wood doors. Indoor door manufacturers to teach you four strokes to buy skills, if you want to decorate the purchase of Interior Doors, the basic can start from the following:

  How to buy Interior Doors? 1, see the indoor door material. Mianqi door for the artificial leather material, the real sense of solid wood composite doors and solid wood doors, but its advantages are cheap, more durable, easy maintenance. Solid wood composite doors and solid wood doors for the natural skin, but the internal structure is different.

  How to buy Interior Doors? 2, see the indoor door price. Mianqi door market price is generally 600-1200 yuan / set, solid wood composite doors are generally 1,000 yuan / set, solid wood doors are generally more than 2,000 yuan / set, according to the individual affordability to buy.

  How to buy Interior Doors? 3, see the indoor door manufacturers. Interior Doors mainly to the structure and material distinction, different manufacturers choose the level of raw materials are not the same. Door skin, composite panels, paint, wood, glue and so affect the environmental protection of doors, durability and aesthetics. Buy wooden doors should focus on well-known large manufacturers of products, they are basically have a mature production process, the material is also more stringent, the product has more stringent physical and chemical testing, and after-sales service is also better. Do not seek cheap, only compare prices.

  How to buy Interior Doors? 4, to see the indoor door style. Interior Doors and other household products, the style of diversity, Chinese, European-style everything. Purchase should be based on home decoration style to choose the style of Interior Doors, so as to avoid the overall style of the uncoordinated.

  Indoor door manufacturers prompt you: from the above four points to buy interior doors, I think we should be able to choose to fit their own but also satisfied with the indoor door.