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How To Check The Appearance Of The Bathroom Cabinet?
Aug 15, 2017

  How to check the appearance of the bathroom cabinet?

  For the bathroom cabinets appearance acceptance requirements are mainly cabinet size, color, gloss and verticality. Of course, these are based on their own design and requirements to see whether to meet the standards, and the small part of the next to give you a description of how the appearance of acceptance.

  Check the size of one cabinet.

  For the acceptance of the size of the cabinet, of course, mainly according to the standards agreed between the owner and the construction staff, the size of the acceptance of the bathroom cabinet is mainly used measuring tape, calipers and other key indicators of the bathroom cabinets, such as: long and wide high.

  Acceptance of two color error as little as possible

  Acceptance of the color requirements of the bathroom cabinets, mainly to see the depth of color error and stitching place color error, generally speaking, the acceptance of the bathroom cabinets color consistency, and 500mm observation should be no difference.

  Acceptance of three eyes gloss is better

  Bathroom cabinets are often substrate plus paint, therefore, the construction and quality of paint determines the gloss of the bathroom cabinets, cabinet surface must be smooth, can not have particles, rough, oil, bleaching, atomization phenomenon. Therefore, the requirements of grinding, primer and other processes must be in place before the surface paint can not be covered. Surface paint can not be scratches, scratches, stains, pinholes, spray marks and other undesirable phenomena exist.

  Acceptance of four-note vertical flatness

  In addition to the size, color, gloss and other clear appearance requirements, we should not forget the bathroom cabinet vertical flatness of this problem. Be careful to check the vertical flatness of the bathroom cabinet, whether it is a floor or a hanging style. Required horizontal error in ±1.5mm, diagonal error between ±3mm, cabinet body smooth, placed on top of the bathroom supplies will not shake.