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How To Choose Bathroom Cabinet Accessories?
Sep 27, 2017

  How to choose bathroom cabinet accessories?

  Bathroom cabinet accessories are mostly seven sets, that is, mirror, toothbrush cup, soap Taiwan, towel bar, towel rack, roll paper rack, hook and so on. These are bathroom necessities, the best and bathroom cabinet a hue, it seems to be coordinated. If you choose to have a matching bathroom cabinet accessories, the best to buy, or save the trouble to pick out. As far as I know, Ou Kaisha bathroom exhibition hall is a matching bathroom cabinet accessories sold, we can go and see.

  Bathroom cabinet

  We choose the bathroom cabinet accessories need to pay attention to four points:

  A look at supporting. The best and their own configuration of the three-piece bathroom (bathtub, toilet, basin) color matching, but also with the shape of the faucet and its surface coating consistent.

  Second look material. Bathroom accessories supplies both copper plastic products, more chrome products, titanium alloy products which are the most high-end, followed by copper and chromium products, stainless steel chrome products, aluminum chrome products, iron chrome products.

  Three to see the coating. In the chrome products, the general product coating is 20 microns thick, a long time, the material inside the vulnerable to air oxidation, and work stress copper chrome plating is 28 microns thick, its structure is tight, uniform coating, the use of good results.

  Four look practical. Imported products are mostly titanium or copper chrome, "color" crisp, delicate and durable, but the price is more expensive. Today, some joint venture brands or domestic brands of copper chrome prices are relatively affordable.