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How To Choose The Bathroom Door
Jul 20, 2017

  How to choose the bathroom door

  ❶ Note the bathroom door material

  Bathroom doors are generally made of aluminum alloy frame, with PS board to do the panel, together with the strengthening of glass and acrylic materials. The surface of the panel is divided into two transparent and opaque, opaque can be divided into water lines, water droplets pattern, pear pattern, etc., are transparent glass production panel. Select the opaque acrylic material to see if the panel is easy to rupture, more high-end shower sliding doors to strengthen the glass as a panel, with open the bathroom.

  ❷ bathroom door track connection

  If you use plastic slide, and soon will crack off the track, lost open function. Good sliding door is made of copper, pulley for the nylon material, so pull up and smooth and durable, and should also pay attention to whether the aluminum frame and the wall with the closed track seamless fit. Otherwise, long-term push-pull switch collision easy to loose pieces.

  Bathroom door detail design

  Bathroom door has become more humane design, the aggregate more detailed, round angle round, income side also pay attention, pull the door under the track, wheelchair can be directly into, more in line with modern people stressed the needs of exquisite living goods.

  Because the bathroom door to use different materials, brand quality there is a big difference, many families will be based on the size of the bathroom, custom bathroom doors, smaller bathroom should try to choose no border design of the bathroom door, in order to achieve visual extension effect. In general, the use of the bathroom door is more common is the sliding door.