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How To Choose The Kitchen Door
Oct 11, 2017

How to choose the kitchen door

1. Guard cover.

Door sets of material, the deformation of the door, droop is actually the door set up problems. There are two main types of door cover in the market, the density board and the solid Wood Multilayer board. Density plate is by Macian, straw, sugarcane and other materials chopped into powder foam form, although its balance is good, but easy to crack deformation, wood grip nail strength is poor. and solid wood multi-layer is made of multi-layer solid wood veneer laminated, with a strong bite nail force, good stability, waterproof moisture, is the first choice for home wood door.

2. Look at the material.

There are many kinds of materials. Solid wood quality and cost-effective, environmentally friendly metal material door is too heavy, long time will fall, easy to damage, paint door is good-looking, but afraid of scratches, blister door time long will blister; the durability of the fireproof board is good.

3. See the manufacturer's production equipment.

Whether the equipment is complete, good production equipment can make beautiful paint effect, can control the moisture content of wood, reduce the wood cracking, deformation probability, prolong the service life of the product.

4. Look at the product path.

Select the best choice of products factory direct sales, in order to avoid agents to eat the difference, the final sale also did not guarantee. Look at the agent's method: You just have to pay attention to the label is a distributor or manufacturer, whether it is a glance.

5. The importance of installation.

Vulgar Talk: "Seven-point do, three-point-loaded." The importance of installation is visible, the installation did not do well, directly affected the use of the effect. So to confirm whether their installers are trained to hold a certificate of professional master.

Kitchen Door Selection Notes

From the material point of view: The kitchen is a relatively humid place, so the kitchen door needs to have moistureproof waterproof function. So choose what material of the kitchen door is decorated owners need to choose well. The kitchen is more water, there is an open flame and heavy oil, ordinary wood not only not waterproof, but also easy to fire and very difficult to clean up, so the installation of wooden doors in the kitchen is not suitable.

Experts recommend that the kitchen door is best used aluminum alloy doors and other metal material to replace the door. First of all, aluminum alloy door itself solid, not easily deformed, waterproof and moistureproof function, and sealing performance is also very good. Next is the modelling is beautiful, the style is diverse. Moreover, the material is not up to the performance, corrosion resistance is strong.

Look from the model: the kitchen door choice style should be consistent with the overall decoration style of the family, so, in terms of aesthetic, the aesthetic beauty of the style, home decoration of the natural harmony, we live in peace of mind! The kitchen door also has sliding doors, folding, flat open type, such as the point of opening and closing, this choice depends on the size of the kitchen area, if the kitchen door too small, it is not suitable for sliding door, more suitable for flat open.

From the sealing: In addition to the above considerations, the choice of the kitchen door is also to see the tightness, the kitchen often has lampblack, if the door is not good, the kitchen fume is very easy to spread, make the whole house smoke!