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Interior Doors Choose The Skills You Know?
May 19, 2017

Interior Doors selection skills you know?

The interior door refers to the door that is installed at the entrance of the room, which is the general term for all the rooms. Interior Doors is defined by the use of the door; with the corresponding "outdoor door" that is the door, into the door - is commonly referred to as security doors, security doors and so on. Interior doors can also be called home doors.

Interior Doors Choose skills

1, look at the interior door style and color. The purpose of the decoration of the house is to create a warm and harmonious living environment, so the first choice of wood doors to consider the style and color of the same style of the room with the harmony. Decorative style is simple and clean on the choice of generous simple style; lively and bright we choose light and elegant to match; classical ease is decorated with thick refined. In short, the proposed choice of style similar to the class,

2, look at the Interior Doors color. Good color match is the key elements of the dwelling room, so we have to determine the style after the second consideration is the color of the wooden door with the color of the room with. Bedroom color is basically similar to the color of the main factors with contrast factors, we can first room environment and color and darkness can be divided into three colors; wall, ground, furniture, soft decoration. Basically keep these three colors on it, not too much. The color of the wooden door can be considered close to the furniture color, such as the ground is dark floor wall white with purple Wei wooden door. Large environment on both contrast and maintain harmony. If you do not have much to grasp or not in the professional guidance of the case, recommend this "rely on" approach, do not always think of contrast everywhere, in fact, the environment has been compared, and you just want to find the door color a big environment Close to either, or the ground or wall or furniture, and then in the details of the difference on it, such as the texture of the wooden door with the ground to distinguish between the wood. As for which color to be measured according to the actual situation.

3, touch feel. Style color thoughtful after, and then is the product of the process and quality problems. We are unlikely to go to the manufacturers staring at how he is processing, and only through a simple means of testing to assess the quality of the product process. Here to teach you two words: hand touch and side light to see. Hand stroked the door of the border, the panel, the corner, the requirements of non-scratching, soft and delicate, and then standing on the side of the door to see the door of the paint surface whether there are convex waves. Basically rely on these two can know whether the work is qualified.

The other price is also the quality of the Interior Doors on the one hand, the real thing can not be too cheap, each type of product has his certain cost, low and its cost limit offer is questionable, such as all solid wood production The cost should be around 3,000 yuan, if the business offer 2,500 yuan, it must be a problem.

In short, the purchase of Interior Doorss in accordance with the above steps to carry out, will be avoided by the businessman led by the nose to take the misunderstanding.