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Interior DoorsPurchase Notes
Aug 21, 2017

The door is not only the partition of space, showing the taste of home owners and the pursuit of, if applied properly, and the overall style of home improvement complement each other. So the home decoration must pay attention to the purchase of indoor doors, then buy indoor doors need to pay attention to what the problem?

1. indoor door purchase attention to what?

Bright colors, high brightness of the surface paint more home to add vitality Modern living room decoration, people meet the requirements of living in the premise of more often concerned about the home design to people to bring the visual stimulation, the constant pursuit of the popular materials and furniture style trendy degree. Colorful colors, high brightness of the surface of your senses at the same time, accidentally may cause color pollution and light pollution, endangering human health!

Color pollution

This is not sensational, but the interior decoration experts recently prompted people to a living message: long life in the bright colors will cause people's visual fatigue, not only lead to neurological function, body temperature, rhythm, blood pressure and other loss of coordination, but also cause Dizziness, irritability, diet, attention, weakness, insomnia and other symptoms.

light pollution

According to the survey: young people prefer to use the color of the bright colors in the high light color, so that the room looks rich, bright, but also to a certain extent make up for the lack of light, without the guidance of professionals, it is easy to exceed the human body Can withstand the range of physiological adaptation caused by light pollution, the human eye retina is stimulated. Light to make eye fatigue, severe cases will also cause damage to the cornea and iris of the human eye, vision will be a sharp decline in the incidence of cataract as high as 45%, while easy to make people dizziness, upset, insomnia, loss of appetite, depression , Physical weakness and other symptoms similar to neurasthenia. Long-term by the surrounding environment in a variety of light pollution violations, but also the current juvenile myopia rate is one of the main reasons.

2. indoor door purchase attention to what?

Most of the hardware inside the door, most people are more concerned about whether the door handle is beautiful, grip strength is comfortable, whether durable, but ignored the quality and stability of the hinge. Especially when the business name of the name of the hairstyle hidden in the door inside the door, consumers can not see and touched, not only for some businesses "brand packaging" to create a convenient condition, but also for the use of consumers buried a hidden danger. Because the hinge placed inside the door, in the course of the problem if the hinge break occurs the consumer is not easy to detect, the accident occurs, the whole door will be patted down, maintenance can not be immediate can only return to the factory, Page built-in reason will be repaired to extend the working hours to 1 month or even longer, to the customer use caused a number of inconvenience.

3. Indoor door purchase Note what the cost is too expensive

For the principle of saving resources, there is no need to choose too expensive indoor doors. Affordable solid wood veneer door, Zamu color door, solid decorative plywood door and so are a good choice. Modern wooden doors a lot of material, the use of veneer and stickers are common, but the grade is completely different. Consumers buy, it is clear that solid wood, veneer or stickers is very critical. Solid wood, paste veneer can be called "wooden door", and stickers can only be called "grain door". To remind consumers to buy wooden doors when you look at whether the product has a national product certification, and must pay attention to check the product certification on the relevant departments to detect the wooden door category, so as not to be taken.

4. Indoor door purchase knowledge

See color

Good color match is the key elements of the dwelling room, so we have to determine the style after the second consideration is the color of the wooden door with the color of the room with. Bedroom color is basically similar to the color of the main factors with contrast factors, we can first room environment and color and darkness can be divided into three colors; wall, ground, furniture, soft decoration. Basically keep these three colors on it, not too much. The color of the wooden door can be considered close to the furniture color, such as the ground is dark floor wall white with purple Wei wooden door. Large environment on both contrast and maintain harmony. If you do not have much to grasp or not in the professional guidance of the case, recommend this "rely on" approach, do not always think of contrast everywhere, in fact, the environment has been compared, and you just want to find the door color a big environment Close to either, or the ground or wall or furniture, and then in the details of the difference on it, such as the texture of the wooden door with the ground to distinguish between the wood. As for which color to be measured according to the actual situation.

2. touch feel

Style color thoughtful after, and then is the product of the process and quality problems. We are unlikely to go to the manufacturers staring at how he is processing, and only through a simple means of testing to assess the quality of the product process. Here to teach you two words: hand touch and side light to see.

Hand stroked the door of the border, the panel, the corner, the requirements of non-scratching, soft and delicate, and then standing on the side of the door to see the door of the paint surface whether there are convex waves. Basically rely on these two can know whether the work is qualified.

3. see the certificate

Inspection materials and manufacturers related qualification certificate. But we can not say that we can not buy the rest assured that the wooden doors, wood interior materials is what kind? Is environmental protection? Here we can go through three aspects to test;

First, try to choose a good brand reputation manufacturers, the recent China Wood Circulation Association Wooden Professional Committee held in Beijing, the doors of the industry conference, the General Assembly through rigorous research and evaluation of China's top 30 members of the system. These manufacturers in the scale of product quality and service system are more standardized.

Second, by examining the relevant qualification of manufacturers to compare the relevant industry standards are complete, to measure its product structure is what kind of.

Third, before the installation of attention to check the door by checking the door of the internal timber, the final check.