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Xiaoshan Has 37 Sanitary Ware Companies Have Passed The Inspection, Review If The Failure Will Still Be Shut Down
Nov 09, 2017

Xiaoshan has 37 sanitary ware companies have passed the inspection, review if the failure will still be shut down

Xiaoshan sanitary ware industry regulation has entered a crucial stage. As of November 7, the region's 526 sanitary ware companies have passed the acceptance (review) a total of 37 companies. Other companies will be implemented shut down.

bathroom factory was shut down

On the issue of environmental protection, in the case of workplaces that enhance enterprises and the production of pollutants in situ, we should do airtight work and waste collection and collection of dusts and reduce the amount of unorganized discharges. For those enterprises that have changed production sites, they will have to go through the examination and approval or Filing procedures, and may not add pollution links. In the safety supervision, enterprises control their own categories (to strengthen supervision and stop production and rectification) for remediation, to meet the safety requirements and through the job evaluation report. 3 months later, our district will also carry out the renovation of the bathroom industry looking back action, if they do not meet the requirements, will also implement the shutdown.

In addition, fire protection, market supervision, housing construction and other departments also separately on the acceptance of the requirements, the enterprises were explained and warning.

"The renovation of the sanitary ware industry is a 'collective make up' for the original 'debts of our warehouses' sanitary ware industry. It is not easy to pass the initial acceptance. We will do a good job in remediation work according to a high standard, create excellent products and do a good job of benchmarking. Carry the banner of the development of Xiaoshan sanitary ware business. "37 bathroom business executives have expressed their common will.

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