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Office Doors Feng Shui Taboo And Solution
May 19, 2017

Office Doors feng shui taboo and solution

For some of our office workers, many people will find in different office seats sometimes have a different mood, assuming that you rely on the aisle, then you will be the time to go to the people who come and go, if you Close to the windows, always futuristic, if you are facing the door of the company, then your whole day work will be affected.

In the office feng shui knowledge, we know the importance of office feng shui, in particular, can not be door-to-door design, otherwise it will make the work of people without the spirit. Now Xiaobian and everyone to look at these Office Doors feng shui related knowledge.

Office Doors feng shui - should not door to the door

Only in the house of the door to the door feng shui bad, in the office feng shui knowledge is also true Door-to-door design will give the internal staff to bring a lot of hidden dangers. In some companies, in order to separate into many parts, often there will be door-to-door phenomenon, this will cause the conflict between departments and departments, there will be infighting situation. A long time is not conducive to the development of the company.

Office Doors feng shui solution

1, if there is such a Office Doors feng shui situation, we have to take the solution, first of all, should be part of the level of good class, in the upper job to create a high office office, in the lower place low level office, such as leadership And between the staff, between the chairman and manager, so be separated to bring good feng shui to the office.

2, if inadvertently caused the door and the leadership of the door relative to the situation, then we have to take the way is to lead the office for a position, or according to the office feng shui knowledge in the leadership of the office placed a dragon decoration, Palace of the role, with the role of the villain.

3, if their desk facing the door, then we take the way in addition to mobile desk, you can also take the plant to be resolved, in the office next to the door placed a large bowl of plants to block, This will be able to stop the evil spirits outside, you can give their own work and career development with help. But also in their own desk put a white water polo to resolve.

4, in the presence of this Office Doors to the door of the feng shui, the best way to resolve is to use the five emperor money to resolve.