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Steel Wood Interior Door Paint How To Solve The Problem
Aug 03, 2017

  Steel wood interior door paint how to solve the problem

  At present, the general process of steel-wood interior door transfer process are: polyether epoxy plastic foundation → dry → transfer → tearing, grinding → dust → cover → dry, easy to fade, Outdoor performance, then why is it so easy in the outdoors? Outdoor is exposed to natural conditions or by wind and frost rain and snow erosion, interior door so we require the use of materials: 1. Polyether epoxy plastic powder The characteristics of the low cost, good transfer good tear paper, but in the case of light will soon be pulverized; 2. Transfer paper is in the paper as a carrier, printed with ink up, and then through its easy to migrate the characteristics of a certain Temperature transfer to the top of the plastic foundation, the ink is directly related to the color of the fade fast speed; 3. varnish play a beautiful, increase the feel and added value and protection of the role, but today the use of steel doors Ordinary varnish is not resistant to UV function.

  Transfer process of "easy to fade, Diaoqi"

  In summary, interior door the epoxy plastic foundation → ordinary transfer paper → ordinary indoor varnish is caused by easy to fall paint, easy to fade the main reason. Ordinary Varnish does not absorb the role of ultraviolet light or reflection of ultraviolet light, so the UV light can be directly penetrated Varnish to reach the surface of plastic powder caused by powder powder, transfer paper fade. And so on, after the powder powder powder as the above carrier has not, so the varnish off. To solve this problem can be used: polyester outdoor powder → outdoor transfer paper → ordinary varnish can effectively solve the lacquer of the time, if on this basis and then use high weatherworthiness of the varnish can effectively solve the paint and transfer Paper bleaching problem, but the drawback of this process is the high cost of polyester resin, transfer difficult, tearing difficult, easy to polish so inefficient, then in order to high efficiency, easy to operate only on the transfer paper and varnish do Foot articles, interior door can be effectively resolved.

  Steel doors are easy to fade the surface, paint is the reason? Peer some friends asked me, steel doors easy to fade the surface of the solution is mainly resistant to the problem. According to the current stage of steel doors of the surface treatment process mainly to "transfer", "metal paint", "plastic direct coloring" and a few special process composition. interior door We are to be analyzed and resolved.