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Teach You Three Election On The Cost-effective Solid Wood Bathroom Cabinet
Sep 27, 2017

  Teach you three election on the cost-effective solid wood bathroom cabinet

  Solid wood bathroom cabinet in the bathroom as a very important role, its powerful storage function so that the bathroom is more clean and comfortable, and beautiful appearance of the appearance, it is the taste and fashion. Today for your breakdown of solid wood bathroom cabinet of the three major shopping points, to help you easily choose beautiful and use both the solid wood bathroom cabinet, so you more peace of mind!

  Capacity is strong

  Whether it is a large family or a small couple, bathroom space will always be placed in pieces of scattered items, shower gel, shampoo, skin care products, towels and so on. If placed improperly, the staggering bathroom supplies will make the original space is not much smaller, messy, so to pick the solid wood bathroom cabinet, first of all have to accommodate the function is strong enough. Solid wood bathroom cabinet storage function is quite strong, intimate partition design to increase storage space, lattice design to bathroom products categorized, neatly listed.

  Solid wood bathroom cabinet

  Waterproof function can be excellent

  Solid wood bathroom cabinet to use for a long time, its waterproof function must be excellent enough to be able to resist long-term moisture invasion. To be waterproof, the most important thing is to see the cabinet selection of materials. On the market, the bathroom cabinet base material types are more comprehensive waterproof and moisture-proof performance of PVC sheet and solid wood sheet. Solid wood bathroom cabinet selection of high quality Thai oak, high strength, pest control, corrosion, not easy to crack, not easy to deformation, but also after three ends of the two sides of environmental protection paint treatment, so that waterproof and mildew resistance better.

  Hardware accessories have texture

  Look at the surface is the most intuitive selection of the main points. In fact, solid wood bathroom cabinet is good or bad, but also should look at the entire cabinet selected hardware accessories, their quality will affect the use of the entire cabinet effect. Solid wood bathroom cabinet commonly used hardware accessories are mainly hinges, drawer rails, counters and so on. Good quality hinges are not strenuous when turned on, and the switch is tight and no noise. Solid wood bathroom cabinet buffer door hinge, open up to 150,000 times, long-term use, durable.