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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Various Materials Bathroom Cabinet Competition
Oct 20, 2017

There are too many kinds of bathroom counters on the market, too many styles, too much timber. Very often, there is no comparison, we do not know which one is better. For this small series specially summed up a few major mainstream material of the bathroom cabinet advantages and disadvantages, hope that the image of the objective information can give you a little help, choose their own bathroom cabinet.

1, stainless steel bathroom cabinet

The main component of stainless steel is nickel and chromium alloy, and more use of 202,201 and other stainless steel sheet processing, stainless steel surface and no fingerprint processing, you can ensure that the use of the process does not leave traces of touch, easy to care The High-quality stainless steel magnetic are very small, can not be easy to change the molecular arrangement of iron, which can become a way to identify stainless steel.

Advantages: moisture-proof mold, waterproof rust, durable, green.

Disadvantages: subject to material constraints, the cabinet is thin, practical is not strong.

2, PVC bathroom cabinet

PVC bathroom cabinet is the use of PVC and other materials, high-density double-skinned PVC sheet made of stitching. Process using planing slot, six-sided one molding, etc., to make the PVC bathroom cabinet appearance more beautiful and meticulous, the structure is also more tight.

Advantages: waterproof performance, high hardness, scratch, high density, durable.

Disadvantages: a chemical sheet, formaldehyde content is high, the material partial soft, the door hinge connection parts easy to loose, poor resilience, fear of high temperature, easy to change color.

3, solid wood bathroom cabinet

Solid wood bathroom cabinet material is distilled with dehydrated solid wood as the substrate, after N-way waterproof processing technology from the cabinet. Its characteristics are natural style, simple, elegant, can fully reflect the master's home grade and identity of the distinguished, after multi-channel waterproofing process and paint treatment after a good waterproof performance. High-end brands will use the United States imported oak, trying to create a natural, elegant, fashion, art, distinguished, technology as one of the top solid wood bathroom furniture.

Advantages: natural, environmentally friendly, healthy, revealing the beauty of nature and primitive.

Disadvantages: If the environment is very dry, it is easy to dry, so the maintenance of the application of wet cotton wipes often wipe or wipe inside the cupboard inside a glass of water.