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The Kitchen Door Feng Shui Study Stresses Detailed Explanation
Oct 11, 2017

The kitchen door Feng Shui study stresses detailed explanation

Kitchen Door Feng Shui how is good? Home kitchen door Feng Shui should pay attention to what? Here's a look at the little series for you to introduce the kitchen door feng shui notes.

1, the kitchen door can not be on the toilet door

I believe we all understand that. We talk about Feng Shui almost every article in the doorway to remind the toilet. The toilet as a filthy production place, no matter what the door, is not right. Let alone the kitchen door.

The kitchen is a source of food of a large size, and the daily energy is produced by the food, and the toilet is a filthy place, and the Shamba is sucked into the belly. So you say luck is good?

Moreover, the kitchen is cooking food place, represents the fire, the toilet is negative, represents the water, the two opposite that is incompatible, Feng Shui said, this will lead to marital estrangement, home restless, will also affect the health of the family.

2, kitchen and toilet can not go in and out

Some families in order to save space also save money, the kitchen and toilet to share a door into and out, make a space in the coexistence of fire and water, it is very unlucky. It is said that there are more surprising, is to go to the toilet first, then into the kitchen, so that the last you eat with? So you want to be healthy?

3, the kitchen door can not be on the bedroom door

On this point, we have already spoken about the geomantic omen of the bedroom. When you are sleeping, you are resting, but you smoke and flush, although you may not cook, but the breath is still in, those breath easily lead to a dizzy brain rise, rest bad.

In addition, the kitchen is a fire, people in the rest is to relax, such a add fire, the original work of daily life is annoying, and then Hugh Bad and add fire, it will only make the temper more irritable, easy to cause family discord.

4. The kitchen door can't be on the door.

People often say, open the door to see the stove, money more consumption, the door is wealth blessing in and out of the land, open the door to see the kitchen, those Ji Qi suddenly burned, that still can have fortune? If you set up your kitchen in this way, it would be detrimental to the health of the hostess and the wealth of the family. And this is no way to save, the only way is to change the door.

5. The kitchen door can't be right against the window.

On this point, we don't have much to say in other chapters. Here you can mention it. We also said in the bedroom Feng shui, the window is evil in and out of the place, straight to the kitchen, is tantamount to eat these things into the belly. Bad evil unlucky to eat in the belly, you say luck can be good? If this has already been done, we must find a way to separate between the two, block the evil spirit.

Read the small part of the kitchen door to introduce feng Shui notes, quickly see if your kitchen door violated these feng shui points oh, modify the kitchen door is also a good choice.