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The Most Effective Six Wooden Bathroom Cabinet Maintenance Methods
Sep 27, 2017

  The most effective six wooden bathroom cabinet maintenance methods

  Solid wood bathroom cabinet is used after the distillation of solid wood as a base material stitching, the most famous is the mortise and tenon structure. As a wide variety of wood, the characteristics are not the same, the most suitable for the bathroom cabinet will be the number of oak, rosewood-based.

  Solid wood bathroom cabinet maintenance first move - to avoid direct sunlight

  Solid wood bathroom cabinet in the long-term direct sunlight will increase the evaporation of solid wood moisture, easy to cause the phenomenon of bathroom cabinet chaos, and ceramic plates and marble countertops should not be exposed. It is recommended to be placed in a cool and ventilated place or with a transparent chiffon curtains, which can protect the bathroom cabinet and add a little romantic atmosphere to the bathroom.

  Solid wood bathroom cabinet maintenance second strokes - away from heat

  When installing the bathroom cabinet is best placed in the distance from the heating flow of about 1 meter away, one can avoid prolonged baking, so that the local dry wood, and second to prevent the deformation of the bathroom cabinet and the film appears local deterioration Happening.

  Solid wood bathroom cabinet maintenance third strokes - to avoid scratches

  When cleaning, do not let the cleaning tool hit the bathroom cabinet, usually do not let the hard metal products or other sharp objects collision bathroom cabinet to protect the surface does not appear traces of scratches.

  Solid wood bathroom cabinet maintenance fourth trick - remove stains

  If the surface of the solid wood bathroom cabinet stains, should not be cleaned with a corrosive detergent can be used to gently remove the stains of warm water, until the water after evaporation in the original part coated with a little light wax, and then lightly grinding several times Forming a protective film.

  Solid wood bathroom cabinet maintenance fifth trick - pest control

  Wooden bathroom cabinet has a weakness, afraid of insects bite bite As the oak naturally high density, hard texture, in the cabinet surface smear a little cooked tung oil can effectively prevent insects.

  Solid wood bathroom cabinet maintenance sixth strokes - daily care

  Usually daily care need to take artificial measures to wipe the bathroom cabinet with a soft cloth water, in the dry winter, you can also place a cup of water inside the bathroom cabinet, to avoid the natural evaporation of wood inside the material deformation or cracking.