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The Production Of Bathroom Cabinet
Jan 20, 2017

1, pick: with the naked eye to observe the color of wood, age, according to the number of the production of the number of bathroom cabinet for the use of different parts of the selection of appropriate materials, the general appearance of neat, beautiful color used to make the surface of the cabinet part, slightly There are some defects and the node must be treated with a special process (such as the node part of the fill material to be filled with professional fill before they can be used for the production of bathroom cabinet) with the back of the cabinet or other obvious part; if found to have metamorphism , Deformation or moth-eaten condition is abandoned, in order to ensure the quality of the bathroom cabinet consistency.

2, cut: in accordance with the professional production of books (customized products drawn in accordance with the drawings), according to a specific touch with the different parts of the required materials open into different sizes.

3, grinding: the good wood to polish, remove the surface of the burrs and residual bark and scratches, the process will be repeated in the production process.

4, drill: the use of professional precision bench drill and other professional tools on the wood pre-drilling structure of the installation hole, the second process through professional design to ensure that the installation of the bathroom cabinet surface can not see any mounting holes.