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The Whole Bathroom Cabinet From The Perfect Closer To The Bathroom
Jan 20, 2017

It is understood that the purchase of sanitary ware to spend the total amount of decoration to account for about one-tenth of the total. The types of sanitary ware, style, and many owners in the purchase will often pick the eye.

According to a number of designers, when the first purchase should be supporting consciousness, to determine their expected to achieve the standard, the kit of each component or accessories should be in the same grade. One of the biggest taboo is "uncoordinated." For example, the appearance of a beautiful bathroom cabinet moved home only to find, too big, squeeze the position of the toilet, making the space too cramped, the result is every "convenient" when not too convenient. Therefore, the kitchen and festivals to remind consumers, and now many bathroom brands have introduced suites products, such packages to buy not only the appearance of coordination in the installation layout also has advantages.

Secondly, for example, the distance between the hot and cold water inlet is 15 cm, but the construction side of the reserved size is 12 cm, although only a few centimeters have to rework; or the owners set the overall shower room, Installation of the bathroom door is only 50 cm wide, the base of the shower room did not move, no way to return; bought a hanging bathroom cabinet was found that the wall is not bearing walls, nail holding force is not enough to install.