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What Are The Skills Of Interior Door Collocation?
Oct 26, 2017

A dwelling, not only the door is very important, Interior Door also occupies a large part, in the renovation of the new house when only to buy the unified coordination of the interior door. In order to ensure a home more warm feeling, Interior Door with which kind of good, its collocation skills and what? The next one by one for everyone to solve puzzles.

What kind of interior doors do you use?

1, we believe that many solid wood door is not unfamiliar, it is the use of a complete piece of solid wood processing, very environmental protection, texture is very clear, there is a very strong sense of the whole and three-dimensional, but its own biggest disadvantage is easy deformation, resulting in cracking.

2, molded door is generally used 5 cm density plate after the mold extrusion molding, then the use of double-bag door processing made of the process, it has not easy to crack, deformation and other advantages, but because of its own material is very light, there is no feel, so the lower grade, providing consumers to choose the door is very few.

3, double-door production is very simple, it is the most common practice and then processed, production costs are very low, its interior is made of wood keel, external is the use of the market plywood by the two bonding, its appearance plus some solid wood lines, it is most suitable for plate door processing, it has no cracking , deformation and other advantages, the disadvantage is the lightweight material, no feel.

II. What kind of interior door-collocation skills

1, interior doors should be based on the style of residential choice, and the main style of decoration with each other, if the room is a European style, then the interior door should also choose European style to match.

2, the choice of wood door color should be similar to the color of furniture, color collocation is a home of the heavy, it can make a room warm sense of promotion, the room is used in light color decoration, Interior Doors should be selected white oak, birch and other cold color of the interior door to decorate, when the interior of the dark Line, Should choose Teak, sapele, walnut wood and other warm room door to decorate.

3. The color of the interior door should be contrasted with the color of the wall. If the wall is only presented white, then the interior door should choose a darker color, if the wall used a strong color, then should choose white or light-colored door scene collocation, so as to make the room a sense of hierarchy, not too mediocre.