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What Door Is The Bedroom Door Good For?
Jul 07, 2017

  What door is the bedroom door good for?

  The bedroom is the rest room, the request is quiet, bedroom door also is the indoor main door, therefore chooses the door to consider the sound insulation effect also must consider the decoration effect. below to introduce some of the wooden doors of the process and purchase.

  1 All solid wood door

  With natural logs to make the door core, after drying treatment, processing. High-grade solid wood door selection is more valuable wood. Common wood has walnut wood, bedroom door cherry wood, Sabili, rosewood. Pure solid wood to the production process requires a higher, dehydration degreasing processing, or easy deformation, cracking.

  2 Solid wood composite Door

  It is made of solid wood to support or frame, affixed to high-density fiber panels or MDF, particleboard and other synthetic materials, bedroom door the final surface affixed with wood and color paper or PVC film made of. Composite doors are diverse in shape, rich in style, price is relatively cheap, more popular with the pursuit of fashionable young people love.

  3 Molded Doors

  The price is more economical than solid wood door, and safe and convenient, which is favored by the ordinary family, molded wooden door is by two piece with modelling and simulation wood grain of high-density fiber molded door skin board is mechanically suppressed. bedroom door With Moistureproof, small expansion coefficient, resistance to deformation characteristics, after a period of time, there will be no surface cracking and oxidation discoloration and other phenomena.

  4 Steel wooden Door

  Can consider the plastic steel, solid, beautiful, moistureproof, because is in the indoors, the aging speed is also relatively slow, has a small shortcoming is the plastic steel time will be deformed, and the sound insulation, the heat preservation effect is generally like. This requires that your door not too big, too heavy, and then the frame must be fixed firmly, while you can add 2 more hinges.