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Why used Goldea interior door for house.
Mar 04, 2017

 Goldea not only make itself out of ordinary for its factory machine, but also for its quality products.

1. Goldea apply PVC film(18s) and Japan imported PP film, which is environment-friendly and human-friendly, and also quality film lead to a long lifespan of your door.

2. Goldea apply E1 and E0 MDF board, high density ensure a stable and strong interior door for you.

3. Goldea apply 1125px finger-joint skeleton, with wood moisture content of 10%-12%, which is twice stronger than natural timber. Such kind of quality control ensure you a quality door.

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4. Goldea apply thick PVC edge banding(80s), which will prevent the damage during transportation.

5. Goldea apply high quality Henkel glue to prevent cracking, which ensure a stable and complete door for you.

6. Goldea apply four sides PVC banding, which will reach a good waterproof performance.

7. Goldea apply good quality gasket, its soft nature will reduce the noise, which build a tranquil environment for babies.

8. The door frame is stable and strong, the joining place is successive and even, with the good performance of sound insulation and heat insulation.

9. Different infilling such as MDF strips, wood sticks, honeycomb paper as well as tube particleboard to meet different requirement and price level.

10. Goldea panel door sticks to antique Chinese mortise and tenon structure, which is five times stronger than normal structure.

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